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THE FIFTH APE’s editing, writing and copywriting services are provided by Ian Seldrup, who has been involved in publishing for eleven years. Ian holds a Bachelor’s in Astrophysics from Sheffield University, England, and a Master’s in Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Drawing on his scientific background, Ian began his career in publishing at one of Asia’s largest and most accomplished publishers of scientific, technical and medical books and journals. He joined Singapore-based World Scientific Publishing Company as an Editor and became a Senior Editor after three years.
Ian was involved in all stages of book acquisition and production: commissioning projects; liaising with graphic designers, marketing executives and salespeople; editing and proofreading; and conducting presentations and book launches. He also managed several of the company’s most prestigious academic journals.
Since going freelance in 2007, Ian has worked with diverse clients and contributed to a wide range of projects in various subject areas. He has worked with Asian Geographic Magazines for eight years, serving, for various periods, as Editor of the travel publication Passport and the scuba-diving magazines Scuba Diver AustralAsia and Ocean Planet.
For Asian Geographic Magazines, Ian is currently a Contributing Editor to Asian Diver and Scuba Diver AustralAsia and Ocean Planet.
In March 2014, Ian became the Managing Editor of DivePhotoGuide, an underwater photography and videography resource and award-winning website based in New York City. He handles production schedules, commissions and manages contributors, edits and proofreads copy, posts photo and dive news, sends out weekly E-newsletters, and works with advertisers.
In March 2015, Ian became the Chief Operations Officer of DivePhotoGuide.




The Magazine Publishers Association of Singapore (MPAS) gave out its first awards in recognition of “the best magazine publishing efforts in Singapore” in 2009. MPAS looked for excellence in areas such as editorial content, design, photography, and print production. The “Seasons of Asia” special issue of Asian Geographic edited by Ian was awarded “Best Visual Series/Photography.”
In the MPAS Awards in 2010, Passport beat other prestigious brands in its category and was awarded “Travel Magazine of the Year,” an endorsement of the work Ian has put in at the helm of the magazine. Asian Geographic Magazines took home five further awards.
The following year, MPAS awarded “Best Special Edition of the Year” to Passport—an issue which Ian edited and to which he contributed a number of articles.
At the 2012 MPAS Awards, the biggest award of the night—“Overall Magazine of the Year”—went to Asian Geographic, which is now packaged together with Passport. Asian Geographic graphic designers were also joint winners of the “Designer of the Year” award.



Copyrights to articles are held by the publishers of the respective publications. Material cannot be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the copyright holder.
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