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My revamped version of the Dive Photo Guide (DPG) Shop, an online store selling underwater photography magazine Scuba Diver Through the Lens (SDTTL) (for which I am an Associate Editor), is now live.
I populated the site with the full back catalogue of SDTTL issues (2011–2014) and refreshed all the graphics, links and text on the site.
As Managing Editor of DPG, one of my functions is handling orders of SDTTL magazine through this shop.


The Dome Report
Weekly News from Number 1, 2014
Amanda Cotton signals to fellow shark divers
Dear Reader,

After an unintended hiatus, The Dome Report is back in your inbox—keeping you updated on everything that’s been happening at

With International Women’s Day on the eighth of the month and March being Women’s History Month, we’ve been celebrating the multifaceted contributions of women to our industry. This week, Allison Vitsky Sallmon is the fourth female Photographer of the Week to blow us away with her fabulous imaging skills, the work of Jill Heinerth, Ellen Cuylaerts, and Debi Henshaw being no less impressive.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jill, Ellen and Debi are just a few of the women who’ve noticed that some guys seem to find the very concept of girls with dive gear too threatening to bear—let alone the notion that great divers, pioneering underwater photographers and passionate conservationists can be either male or female. What they maybe don’t realize is, as Allison Vitsky points out in “The X(X) Factor: Observations on Women in Underwater Imaging,” that the reasons women dive really aren’t very different to the reasons men do it…

Matt Weiss – Editor-in-Chief
Ian Seldrup – Managing Editor

Ikelite Subal DivEncounters Backscatter
Latest Articles
The X(X) Factor: Observations on Women in Underwater Imaging
Women have smashed through the “glass floor” and emerged as some of most accomplished divers and underwater photographers on the planet.
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The X(X) Factor
Photographer of the Week – Allison Vitsky Sallmon
The lady of the California seas, Allison Vitsky Sallmon reveals why she is one of the talents of our time.
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Photographer of the Week - Allison Vitsky Sallmon
Photographer of the Week – Jill Heinerth
More people have walked on the moon than have been to some of the places that Jill Heinerth has. The photographs from her explorations are inspiring.
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Photographer of the Week - Jill Heinerth
Photographer of the Week – Ellen Cuylaerts
Despite picking up underwater photography not too long ago, Ellen's portfolio consists of a range of subjects, all of which are photographed beautifully.
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Photographer of the Week – Debi Henshaw
When Debi Henshaw saw her husband’s photographic progression, she said to herself, “two can play at that game.”
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5 Photographers
Latest News
Divemaster Scuba-Diving Game Released for Tablets
European Union Bans Seafood from Three Countries
SeaLife introduces Flex-Connect Mounting System
How Dolphins Got to Use Sponges
Subal Announces Video Housing for Sony FS700
March 2014 Contest
Theme: Syngnathidae (Seahorses, Pipefish, and Seadragons)
Hurry! There are only a few days left to enter the March 2014 monthly contest! The prize is a FG16 Housing for a Canon Powershot G16 (over $700 value), courtesy of Fantasea.
Current Contest
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The first of my weekly newsletters as Managing Editor of Dive Photo Guide (DPG) has gone out to subscribers.
The newsletter, called The Dome Report, is a recap of the week’s major dive articles and news stories, and includes an opening introduction by me on what’s been happening at DPG.
The Dome Report is created using template-driven email marketing tool MailChimp. For this relaunch, I also redesigned the logo for the newsletter.


From mid-March 2014, I become the Managing Editor of Dive Photo Guide (DPG), an online underwater photography magazine based in New York City.
I’ll be handling production schedules, contracting and managing contributors, editing and proofreading copy, sending out weekly newsletters, posting photo and dive news, and working with advertisers.
My new email for all matters relating to DPG is ian [at] divephotoguide [dot] com.


As Asian Geographic kicks off 2014, we’ve given the magazine a major aesthetic overhaul, even giving the logo a subtle update.
Themed “Great Asian Journeys”, the issue charts the exploits of adventurers in the Arctic and Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor as well as following the heroic efforts of two Jesuit explorers who established the first Catholic mission on Tibetan soil in the 1600s.
As usual, I edit and proofread the entire issue.



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